new figure: yuri, angel beats!

This is the 1st figure of Angel Beats from Goodsmile. Yuri's personality is clearly expressed by details of emotions and movement of the figure, as Goodsmile's tradition. Soon, this figure will be sold on Okaeri at 679kr. For a scale figure from Goodsmile, this is a good price. I'm going to order one myself.^-^ Welcome to Okaeri!

The story of Angel Beats is written by Maeda Jun, who is one of talenced characters in Japanese anime area. He not only contributes as a writer, also famous as Lyricist and musical composer. He has a nickanme as "Maeda, the Magician", because his stories are very touching and often can make people crying. He has a bacholar degree in Psychology, so no wonder he has that nickname. Angel Beats is touching too. By the way, don't forget perpare tissue enough when you watch it! :P


Postat av: arcium

Looks good, and soon they will release Tenshi, but I also hope GSC/Alter will make a Yui figure, because I would buy it right away.

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