happy rabbit year!

Tonight is Chinese New Year Eve. This is when we chinese people celebrate our New Year. I actually kept the wrong date in my mind, for it's according to Chinese Calendar and I've been too busy with Okaeri and my Japanese courses in a university. It reminds me the right day when I received many greeting from my friends and parents just now. Even I forgot perparing for this New Year Eve, I went out to look at the sky and used the sky as a passenger to send my blessing to my parents and friends in China as some kind of celebration.^^

Next year it will be "Rabbit Year". I hope all you guys will have a great and surprising year. Also, thank you very much for all your support to Okaeri. Every order, comment or visit is a big support to us. Thank you a lot!!!

Happy New year!!!


Postat av: Desirée

Hej hej! undrar bara lite om du vet exakt när ni får in Happy Sweets Kit Fruits?

2011-02-03 @ 20:05:49
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