death note & figutto

Yesterday, I received new products list from distributer. Unexpectedly, I found there're new figures of Death Note on the list. This is very surprising, because now, it's very rare that new Death Note figures could be released. Even more surprisingly, these 2 figures, Yagami Light and Ryuk, are figutto. This means they have better collecting value, imo. Maybe some people are not familiar with figutto. Now I use the chance to introduce about it.

Like figma, figutto is also articulated figure but from Griffon Enterprises. Figutto is more expensive but much better value than figma, also imo^^. Now, I'm going to make an intro. here. After it, you might feel the ambition of Griffon that they rule the articulated figure market.

Firstly, let's take a look on the 2 new figutto, Yagami Light and Ryuk. They're available for pre-order now on Okaeri. Welcome!!!

First thing that figutto made me very surprised is a storage box to keep its accessories in. When you buy figutto figure, you also get the box with it. With the plastic package you get, the accessories won't move to make annoying sound inside the box. This is a professional and thoughful design.

Second thing that make me surprised is figutto's extra flexible stand arms. Except the normal arms that we're familiar with, figutto has more arms and they're flexible. With this figure, there're 2 more arms, a long flexible arms and a short flexible arms. There's a metal wire inside each of the arms. So you could freely move them and easier to make pose for the figure.

Figutto uses magnet to hold figures' switchable hair and face on, instead of tradtional slot systems. This is smart, I think.

It seems that Griffon is very confident about the body of figutto. They even make a single page only to brag about it. ^^

Figutto's Joints are different. They use Ball Joint Method, kinda like Dollie or BJD. This increases the range of motion and makes it possilbe that you switch body parts. Also, figutto has 16 joints. Figutto can move chest part when Figma can't.

Look at her chest part and you can see the difference between figma and figutto. Figma doesn't has the chest joint.

The size of figutto is normally bigger than figma (figutto is mostly 160mm high and figma is around 140mm) and as a better body sharpe. The painting looks better too.

I think even figutto is more expensive, it really worths the price. Anyways, Death Note fans, don't miss the super oppotunity! ^_^


Postat av: Elin(DuzellChan@youtube)

Måste bara säga det är väl mm inte cm ? =W=

2011-01-31 @ 20:53:47
Postat av: Cong

Ups! It should be mm, not cm. Gomenn, Gomenn! Tack, Elin!

2011-02-01 @ 09:25:51

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