chirashi-zushi - one japanese dish

Chirashi-zushi is a Japanese dish and one of the traditional food for New Year in Japan. I just found it on NHK website. It's kinda simple to make, so I decide to blog about it. It looks complicated but most of ingredients written are optional. In China, rice dishs are famous to be optional and that's why they're so popular. If you want to see the recipe, use the links below. Here, I'm only going to share my ideas about the dish to make it more simple. 

The basic things are rice, sushi vinegar and the sauce. String beans and dried shiitake mushrooms are not very easy to find in Sweden, so you may give them up and I don't think it would influence taste too much. For shrimp, egg and carrot, if you think it takes time, you may give them up too or make it in a more simple way. Try to add some of them. Otherwise it would taste a little plain. For the rice, it's better but you don't have to make according to the recipe. More imporant is to choose the right rice. Thai Rice is not so good because in the warm areas, they can reap 3 times in one field every year. The rice can't gain nutrition enough, so it taste not so well. There's one kind of rice in Willys. Forget the name. It's a 1 or 2 kg package which is in red and blue. I advice that one.



Recipes of the dish is here:

You may also click on the picture for the link.

Postat av: Reiko

Looks good! w it's much funnier to cook food when it's from Asia for some reason :3 Got a lot inspiration at youtube with the user "Cookingwithdog" xD

2011-03-17 @ 07:43:36
Postat av: Carolina

Jag tycker att du har en skitfin sida! Har du ork så slå även ett öga på min :D.

2011-05-08 @ 13:52:37
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