limited edition on okaeri

Yesterday we updated some new products on and one Nendoriods of them is limited Edition. As the price is much higher than others, we only put up one figma of Limited Edition before. But, some customers emailed us that they really wanted the limited products, so we finally decided to sell them on

So-called "Limited" is about the quantity. The limited are MUCH LESS produced than the others. I didn't exaggerate the MUCH LESS, because even distributors in Japan have to fight to get the products of Limited Edition. We're lucky that we have a "powerful" distributor in Japan, becasue our distributor can get most of the Limited Edition products. Even so, sometimes we have to buy something else to get the Limited Edition, like some products they have in stock for a long time. Btw, even though the price is higher than the other, Limited Edition products have more price raising space. In other words, it would become much more expensive later than when it's released and more valuable for collection.

One more thing I need to mention, Okaeri doesn't make more profit from the Limited Edition. We take the same percent profit as the ordinary. The higher price is because they cost more to be produced for the quantity is much less.

Anyways, welcome to to check our new products!! Irasshaimase!!^^

P.S. We have another kind of product that is higher than the ordinary price. It's not because it's limited edition but it's only sold in Japan. It's more expensive than the ordinary but cheaper than limited edition.

This is the Limited Edition Nendoroid we put up yesterday. Kawaii desu ne?^^

The rest of new figures we put up.


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