new anime,horo musuko!

Lately, I found a new anime, Horo Musuko. It is about a middle school student, Shuichi Nitori, and his friends' emotional life. Nitori san has a secret and you'll find it yourself in the anime hihi ;). Actually, the secret is one reason that makes it special. The anime has a feeling like simple, quite but sweet. All the anime is in a bright, soft and white backgroud that makes it feel like in a dream.

Horo Musuko is from manga, Wandering Son, which is written and illustrated by a lady mangaist Takako Shimura. A lady wrote it, so you can imagine how emotional the anime can be. ^^ Now charactors of most Japanese animes are in a fixed mode. I feel like all are the same if they dress and look the same. But in Horo Musuko, you can feel the writer spent a lot of time on creation of charactors and she's really good at it. All charactors are so fresh and real in it. Anyways, it's a good anime!^^ 

-cong (is back! yeah!!)^^

Postat av: Sally

Welcome back, Cong!

2011-03-14 @ 17:26:32
Postat av: Cong

Arigatoo, Sally!^^

2011-03-14 @ 17:52:36
Postat av: Elin

när kan du visa bilderna på dom nya formarna

2011-03-14 @ 19:36:44
Postat av: Georgoline

I really enjoyed my visit. A great site

2011-11-22 @ 21:39:05

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